Save Kokzhaylau!

by Елена Проценко








Save Kokzhaylau!

by Елена Проценко

Dear friends!
The initiative group “Save Kokzhaylau” unites caring citizens working to preserve the unique tract and prevent the barbaric construction of an unprofitable ski resort in a reserved place.
What is Kokzhaylau?
The Kokzhaylau gorge is one of the most favorite and accessible places for eco-recreation and tourism for Almaty residents and city guests. It is “at the head of the city” of Almaty and extends from east to west, connecting the Small and Great Almaty gorges. The length is 15 km, the total area is more than 1 thousand hectares.
Until 2014, the Kokzhaylau tract was part of the Ile-Alatau National Natural Park, which was established in 1996 to preserve the unique ecosystems and landscapes of the Trans-Ili Alatau.
It is a natural park that provides residents of Almaty with fresh air and drinking water. The flora of the natural park includes 811 plant species, 17 of which are listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan. The fauna is represented by more than 1,700 species of animals, 13 species of birds and 8 species of mammals are listed in the Red Book. Here grows the apple Sivers - the progenitress of all apple trees on the ground, inhabits the snow leopard.
The initiative group “Save Kokzhaylau” supports the return of the territory of the Kokzhaylau natural boundary to the Ile-Alatau National Natural Park.
What is going to build on Kokzhaylau?
In Almaty planning to build a sports and entertainment complex on Kokzhaylau, including: a ski resort, hotels, restaurants, an ice skating rink and dance floors. As the project implementers say, it will be such “Panfilov Street at an altitude of 2300 m.


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