Promotion of young talented musicians of Kazakhstan!

by Чертушкин Ринат








Promotion of young talented musicians of Kazakhstan!

by Чертушкин Ринат from Караганда

From the age of 10 I was fond of creativity, I was engaged in YouTube, I liked to invent new projects, later at the age of 15 I started working as a teacher in guitar and vocal at a private music school, at the age of 17 I tried to open my own music school.
At 18, he worked in the company as a sales manager, earned himself a high-quality hardware and continued to study music professionally, became his own producer, write music and record people, thereby having the goal of becoming famous and discovering projects and a label for talented people, at the end of 2018 , the invitation to the TV project Dom-2 in Moscow, went and got some experience in the field of show business!At the moment there is a plan for promotion, to open an individual and high-quality studio with an office, where lessons and master classes will be held not only in music but also in design and freelance, a team of the most talented young people will be recruited, in my studio services that are not presented by more than one studio in the nearest regions, my goal is to show the whole CIS what talents are hiding on our lands!

The amount will be invested directly in the room and additional equipment, if there is a need to provide checks, so be it, you need to make repairs in the room, furniture, equipment!

I have always strived to create something incredible, help real people in their good deeds, teach people all the secrets of the human mind, and prove that everyone can become anything and everything, give people quality goods and services, and of course develop the music industry, after all, everything starts small, depending on whose hands the possession will be!
I will help young talented people who start or deal with music!

I will start with the opening of the first music studio and office, and already for my own money and business I will promote my product and my people!

There are not so many people who will start working with me and cooperate, these are very creative people who support 14 of them, well, people who want to participate in the project and record many of them, while these are my friends and acquaintances, from more 100 people!


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