Sluzhba zdorovya

by Сеитов Смагул Сулейменович





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Sluzhba zdorovya

by Сеитов Смагул Сулейменович from г. Кызылорда

"Love for the medical art - this is the love for humanity" (Hippocrates)
As a doctor of the highest category with many years of experience, being on a well-deserved vacation, I have the opportunity to apply their accumulated knowledge and experience for the treatment and maintenance of human health.
Frequent treatment of former patients, friends, relatives prompted me to organize a treatment room, which will work 24 hours a day.
In my experience, I know that people need medical help around the clock. All treatment rooms of polyclinics of the city are open from 09.00 to 18.00 hours and weekends are closed, even in private clinics. And injections (shots) prescribed by the doctor through a fixed time, without breaks 5-7-10 days. This gap, an inconvenience for patients, is meant to eliminate my treatment room.
I rented a building, picked up the staff, as I am a former medical worker, I know what kind of nurses are needed for the treatment room. In the treatment room there is a medical equipment of the first necessity: a couch - 1 PC, a medical table-1 PC, a drip stand-1 PC, which my former colleagues gave me.
Goals and objectives of the project-for the first time in the field to create a 24 - hour treatment room for residents of Kyzylorda-in the neighborhood "Shugyla". The treatment room will be used for intramuscular, intravenous, subcutaneous and other types of injections (injections, injections), regardless of age: from infants to the elderly.   
To implement the project, I need to collect 
1 243 000 tenge.
150 000 tenge for cosmetic repair of the premises.
 1 093 000 tenge will be purchased:
- tonometer 60 000 tenge
- phonendoscope 30 000 tenge
- tripod - 3 PCs x 25 000= 100 000 tenge
- couches - 3 W TX 35 000= 105 000 tenge
- medical tables - 3 PCs x 27 000= 81 000 tenge
- slut, large size - 51 000 KZT, average size - 39 000 tenge, a smaller size - 22 000 tenge, for a total of 112 000 tenge
- Cabinet for medicines 3pcs x 75 000= 225 000 tenge
- sterilizer-2 PCs x 190 000= 380 000 tenge


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