How to sign up for Starttime?

To sign up for Starttime, you need to go to the main page of the service and click the "sign up" button.
Fill in the required registration fields: specify an existing e-mail address and create a password for logging in to Starttime.

Confirmation of sign up

Confirmation of sign up will come in the form of a letter to the e-mail address specified at registration. It is necessary to follow the link in the letter, thereby confirming the registration. After that, you can fill out the profile and start using the service.

How can I restore or change my password?

To recover your password, click on the link "Forgot Password." You will be asked to enter an e-mail to which the new password will be sent, or you can change the password in the "Profile Settings".

How to find the project on the site?

Any project can be found using the search engine service on the main page, or in the section "PROJECTS".

Is it possible to support the project if I am not a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan or outside the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Since you can pay for the reward with a bank card - you can support the project. Consider when paying ways to get a reward for support.

How to support the project you like?

Select the project and the contribution amount. To submit the amount to the author by transferring money to the specified sponsorship position, this way you will support the project.

Payment options

Payment systems are not responsible for financial relations between the participants of the Starttime service.

How do I deposit money with a bankcard?

To replenish the balance or make payments using a bankcard, you must:

  • in the recharge window select "Payment by card"
  • in the appeared form, enter the card number, owner name, validity period of the card and CSV2 / CVV2
  • press the button «Pay by card».

CSV2 / CVV2 are the last three digits indicated on the back card on the signature strip.

What should I do if payment fails?

Contact the support service with a detailed description of the problem at the email address If possible, attach a screenshot of the problem.

Who sees the amount contributed to the project?

The contributor, the author of the project and the administrators of the service.

Can I make a few contributions and receive several rewards?

Several rewards can be received in one project, if the author does not limit their number.

Where I can see information about my payments and purchases.

In the User Account.

Completion of the project

How can I find out about the completion and results of the project.

The dates are listed on the project page. Information about the projects and news comes to investors from authors to e-mail. After completion of the project, the authors contact the contributors and report on the results of the project and the sending of the reward.

How and when to get a reward?

The date of sending the reward is indicated at the end of the project in the author's personal comments and in the description section of the project.

Can I get a reward if the project is not finished yet.

It is necessary to expect the completion of the fund-raising. After the fundraising, the author starts sending the rewards, or selects other methods of delivery by agreement with the contributors, under the previously agreed delivery conditions.

How the author will receive information about the depositor.

In order for the authors of the project to receive the information necessary for delivery and correct compensation, information on the remuneration should be indicated in detail in the payment.

Can I get a reward living in another city?

It is possible, if the author of the project agrees on terms of delivery with contributors.

Who is responsible for fulfilling the project obligations?

The author of the project is fully responsible for fulfilling obligations to contributors.

What should I do if the funds from my electronic account have been withdrawn and the author does not provide the reward?

Contact the service support team for a detailed description of the problem. If possible, attach a screenshot of the problem.

What if I still have not received my reward?

Specify the timing of the issuance of rewards. In the event that the terms for issuing fees have been passed, contact the service support team.

Who should I contact if I have questions about the project?

On the project page there is a button "Ask a question". Thus, the author of the project will see your question and will respond in the near future.
Also you can add a question in the comments to the project. In case you did not receive an answer to your question, write to the support service.

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