What is crowdfunding

Starttime.kz is a service that helps authors of interesting ideas to find means to implement the idea through collective support. A social, commercial or charitable idea can become a participant of Starttime. To create a project, raise funds for the implementation of the idea or support the talent can be done after a simple registration. Applications are submitted by organizations and individually.

Starttime Features

Starttime unites rights holders (idea authors), the results of their work and contributors (fans, interested people). In addition to supporting and promoting interesting creative ideas, Starttime offers contributors a unique product.

Starttime and Users

Users of Starttime are called contributors, since they can purchase the product of interest, thereby supporting the author's project. So, how useful is Starttime?

  • You get direct contact with the authors of the project, you can ask them questions of interest, organize cooperation and make an order for your rewards.
  • You can become a participant in the creative process, for which for some reason you would not have made up your mind.
  • You can receive unique intangible rewards directly from the authors (for example, the disc from musicians or a visit to backstage after the concert).
  • You can communicate with other contributors, provide support in promoting interesting projects for you.

Starttime and authors

How useful is Starttime for authors?

  • You gain access to an audience that is ready to support your endeavor, so there is no need to depend on intermediaries to promote your idea.
  • You receive feedback from the audience, which helps to improve the idea and the final product.
  • For start-up business, Starttime is one of the opportunities to test a product without prior costs, understand the demand and conduct pre-sales.

Why go to Starttime if you can collect money on your website?

  • Starttime will help in attracting a new audience.
  • Starttime projects have personal curators who support and advise authors in the promotion of projects.
  • The service provides information support to the projects, sending weekly Starttime Survey to subscribers.


What is crowdfunding?

Crowdunding is a method of collective financing of projects, whereby money for product creation comes from consumers (contributors). Crowdfunding allows you to study the audience and evaluate the value of the idea.

The difference between Starttime.kz and other resources.

Authors of Starttime projects receive the following conditions:

  • Authors receive the collected funds, even if they collected only 51% of the declared amount.
  • The authors have the opportunity to extend the project for another 90 days.
  • Starttime offers authors their own project promotion tools.
  • Authors can directly communicate with contributors and receive contact information about the contributors.
  • Contributors can support several projects, purchasing rewards from different authors.

Section "News"

In the news, the moderators of Starttime place interesting information about projects and events, share tips on the promotion of projects, talk about successful projects.

Personal profile on Starttime

Personal profile can be useful to the author of the project as an additional page in the social network. Here you can share creative plans, talk about events, answer questions. Also, the profile is a tool for the promotion of the project. The more information about the project you provide to contributors, the more likely they are to become interested in support. Also, the profile can be useful in creating the next project, for which to search an audience will not be difficult.

Who can create projects on Starttime?

Creator of the project can be:

  • A citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan who has reached the age of 18 and has a valid bank account;
  • A company that complies with and follows the conditions of Starttime (link to the document)

Applications for which projects are considered by Starttime?

Starttime accepts applications for creative and socially-significant ideas of all fields of activity that do not violate the copyrights and freedoms of other citizens, and also do not contradict the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Cost of cooperation:

Creating and placing the project on Starttime is free. In case of successful completion of the project, the service deducts from the project a commission of 15% of the collected funds. If an individual is the Author of the Project, the tax on the income of an individual is transferred from the amount to the budget of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in accordance with the tax legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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